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Kyocera Head-Up Display


Kyocera Display’s line up of standard automotive Head-up Display (HUD) LCDs are offered in the sizes of 1.12”, 1.8”, 2.6” and 3.1” and are engineered to solve many of the problems that are inherent in Head-Up Display design. The result of our HUD design expertise allows our products to realize a transmittance up to 8.1% and contrast ratio up to 1700:1.   Kyocera’s standard line up of HUD products are the ideal solution for your Head-Up Application.  Please contact us for additional specification information.


 Sizes1.12" up to 3.1"
 ResolutionUp to approx 400 ppi
 TransmittanceUp to > 8% 
 Viewing Angle85°/85°/85°/85°
 Response TimeTyp. 30ms at 25°C
 Operating Temperature-40° to +105°C
 ContrastUp to 1700:1



Kyocera Automotive Displays


Kyocera Display develops and delivers customer specific high end displays for automotive applications. Format, size, resolution and further features are specified in cooperation with the customer and are realized cost efficiently.


 Sizes2.7" up to 12.3"
 BrightnessUp to 1,500 cd/m²
 Viewing Angle85°/85°/85°/85°
 Response Time< 20ms
 Operating Temperature-40° to +85°C
 Backlight LifetimeUp to 100,000 hrs


Please contact us for additional information.