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Kyocera's All-In-One Solutions offer our customers an off-the-shelf solution to speed up product design.  Kyocera All-In-Solutions are inclusive of open frame monitor solutions and ruggedized module solutions.

Open Frame Monitors are TFT based solutions integrated into a metal enclosure with options for SBC, touch panel solutions, and other key components.  Select one of our standard designs for quick prototypes or contact a Kyocera representative to reconfigure a design to meet your specific design requirements.



Example Feature Set:

  • All Touch Technologies Supported
  • Touch Integration Methods - Liquid Optical Bond or Permeter Tape Bond
  • SBC Selection Based On Design Requirements
  • Software Support - Linux and Windows
  • Customizable Mounting Options
  • Lockable Power Input Port



Kyocera Display Group will support your team with our unsurpassed TFT expertise offering quality design solutions.


Please contact us for additional information.

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  1. Diagonal Size: 7.0"
  2. Brightness: 1000
  3. Display Mode: AWV - Normally Black
  4. Resolution: 800x480
  5. Interface: LVDS
  6. Touchscreen: PCAP


  1. Diagonal Size: 10.1"
  2. Brightness: 500
  3. Display Mode: TN - Normally White
  4. Resolution: 1280X800
  5. Interface: LVDS
  6. Touchscreen: PCAP
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